The Al Ain Plant Bottle is biodegradable and compostable within 80 days…

A new disposable water bottle which is 100 per cent plastic-free and plant-based is set to launch in the UAE. For the first time in the region, consumers will be able to buy Al Ain water and dispose of the bottle without impacting the environment.

The entire packaging – including the cap – uses plant sources and converts them into a durable 100 per cent plant-based resin to create the Al Ain Plant Bottle. As such, it is completely biodegradable and compostable, disappearing within 80 days.

To recycle the bottle, you’ll need to find one of the new dedicated biodegradable bins, where it will then be taken away, recycled and created into another bottle.

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Fermented plant sugars are used to create a special polymer material, without using a single drop of petroleum or its by-products. The plant-based bottle is being developed in Al Ain, under manufacturing conditions which use 60 per cent less energy and has ‘best-in-class CO2 environmental footprint’.

Agthia Group, which has made a commitment to growing its innovative sustainability, will release the new bottles by mid-year. You’ll first be able to find the product in Abu Dhabi with the aim to reach the whole country soon. The launch will be the first step towards establishing an efficient PET recycling ecosystem in the region.

Agthia will first stock the bottle in hotels and restaurants, before releasing to the masses and available in stores at a later stage.

Tariq Ahmed Al Wahedi, Agthia Group CEO said: “Agthia remains committed to innovation and sustainability through its pioneering packaging innovations and trusted partnerships. The launch of Al Ain Plant Bottle is a testament to our commitment to sustainability.”

Images: Instagram/Provided