The ITC has been fitting special Covid-19 isolators to the capital’s cabs…

Abu Dhabi’s taxi drivers are part of the core of frontline workers that are helping to keep the UAE moving.

In a bid to keep them safe, the Integrated Transport Centre – Abu Dhabi (ITC) is fitting-out the capital’s cabs with special plastic isolators.

The dividers might not be the most high-tech tools in the fight against Covid-19 but they are effective. Creating a protective partition between passenger and driver.

Of course, it’s not just the driver’s safety that’s of concern here, efficient social distancing benefits everyone.

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Ideally, trips out should be kept to an absolute minimum, but if there is an urgent need for you to head out — there is now an added level of safety for users of Abu Dhabi’s comprehensive fleet of taxis.

On April 15, the ITC reported its taxi usage figures for the first quarter of 2020, and although their numbers have been affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic, there are still positives to take-away.

One being the pervasiveness of eco-friendly vehicles. Hybrid cars now account for a total of 83.6 per cent of the taxis on the capital’s roads.

The advice when using public buses and taxis, or for any trips out, remains — that wearing masks and gloves is essential.

Images: Twitter