The pizzas on this list will take some topping…

One of the best things about being an adult is that you can decide any night is pizza night. Can’t wait till evening, no problem, the laws of the land fully defend your right to have pizza for breakfast.

You don’t even have to make it, you can just press a few buttons on the internet and a man brings it to you, piping hot and packed with cheese-pull awesomeness.

With that in mind, we’ve collected the five best ways to adult your way through dinner time this weekend.

Pitfire pizza


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This American-style pizzeria distinguishes itself by dropping innovative topping combos and big-hitting base. We’re huge fans of the Pitfire Primo (Dhs71 for a large pie), the beautiful offspring of a union between garlic bread and pizza. The roasted garlic base is scattered with sliced mushrooms, chopped kalamata olives, mozzarella, fontina, goat cheese and parsley, with a fresh tomato garnish added after the bake. Their garlic knots are also a thing of rare wonder.

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800 Pizza


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Named after the perfect pizza firing temperature, these Roman-style carb artists have a classic collection of pizzas that are true Italian taste ambassadors. Their Margherita (Dhs49) option is a clear demonstration of pizza pedigree — premium tomato, mozzarella, parmesan and basil leaves on a wood-fired dough base that stamps a flavour visa hard onto your tastebuds. Dainty, crisp and smokey, this is an affordable Roman holiday.

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Mambo Pizza Gourmet


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Papa loves Mambo. Mumma loves Mambo. We all love Mambo and not just because at the moment there’s 35 per cent off their whole menu. We’re laying our cards on the table here and nominating their Rustica (Usually Dhs37, currently Dhs25) to be your ‘made man.’ A tomato base sits below beef pancetta, mozzarella, single cream, an egg and dusting of oregano. It’s best eaten in-restaurant of course, but holds up reasonably well through transit.

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Impossible to pronounce without putting massive Italian emphasis (with hand gesture) on the ‘vivo’ part. And it’s not just the name that’s irresistibly Italian, their authentic pizzas are just as gesture worthy. We like the Diavola (Dhs52), a classic combo of tomato, mozzarella, beef salami, chilli oil and basil. Simple, fiery and straight-up magnifico.

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Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria


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Essex probably isn’t one of the places that instantly springs to mind upon hearing the word ‘pizza,’ but one of its most famous culinary exports — Jamie Oliver is bringing some East English fire to the UAE’s pizza game. The Jamie Oliver Pizzeria interpretation of the Italian-American, pepperoni pizza (Dhs59) is a masterpiece, traditional ingredients of crushed tomato, pepperoni, mozzarella and chill are given a lift with aged parmesan.

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