Sponsored: We chatted to chef Suleyman Kapan to find out his favourite dishes at new restaurant Asil in Rixos Premium Dubai JBR…

Turkey, Lebanon and Morocco. That’s three countries with very distinct cuisines. That’s what’s on the menu at Asil, the new glamorous hotspot in Rixos Premium Dubai JBR. We’ve enlisted the help of Asil’s executive chef Suleyman Kapan to give us the lowdown on must-try dishes…

1. Kopogolu (Eggplant yoghurt)

A wonderful little eggplant appetiser, the kopogolu (Dhs45) is an authentic Turkish Aegean mezze. Rather than using roasted tomatoes, Asil prefers candied tomatoes which have a more flavourful, crunchy, sweet and sour taste, which pairs beautifully with the buffalo yoghurt.

2. Hummus tantouni

For a unique twist on two cultural favourites, Asil’s hummus tantouni (Dhs60) fuses a Lebanese-style hummus with a traditional Southern Turkey street food cuisine of thinly diced beef and special Turkish spices to create on special combination.

3. Couscous mechoui

You’ll be hard-pressed to travel through Morocco without eating couscous at least once a day. Try an authentic version here (Dhs165) at Asil where the chefs slowly cook lamb shoulder for over 12 hours.

4. Asil kebab

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A brand new restaurant has opened its doors in Rixos Premium Dubai JBR

Elevating the traditional kebabs, Asil’s signature version (Dhs165) uses lamb tenderloin and a highly-seasoned, air-dried cured beef, sprinkled with crunchy pistachio.

5. Kabak tatlisi (revisited pumkin dessert)

To finish, try the Kabak tatlisi (Dhs50), a popular Turkish dessert made from pumpkin that’s candied in a simple sugar syrup, and then garnished with blackberries. Asil celebrate its tradition but use different techniques of presenting the pumpkin to give it a more modern take, adding sesame praline and a salted caramel tahini dressing.

That’s your order all sorted…

Open from lunchtime until the early hours of the morning, the new lounge is the ideal spot to enjoy lunch, dinner, or shisha and drinks.

Asil, Rixos Premium Dubai JBR, JBR, daily 1pm to 2am. Tel: (04) 520 0055. asilrestaurant.com