What’s inside Depachika, Dubai’s luxury food hall?

Food courts used to be synonymous with the greasy, cheap fast-food chains you’d binge on while shopping at your local mall. But today, food halls are a global culinary sensation led by top chefs and innovative start-ups. Thanks to the arrival of Depachika in Nakheel Mall on the Palm, Dubai now has a legit food hall worth all your calorie intake.

Kushi by Reif

All hail, Kushi by Reif. This Asian bolthole’s delightful donburi bowls are your best bet in the market. Fish, meat and vegetables are simmered together and served over Japanese style rice. It’s the comfort food you never knew you were missing. Save space for a slice of homemade sesame cheesecake, which is out-of-this-world.

Lime Tree Café

A stalwart on the café scene of Dubai, Lime Tree takes up prime position at the front of the food hall. Pop in for a slice of its famous carrot cake.

Kilikio by Mythos


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The mini Mythos counter is no trip to Greece, but it still offers a solid take on the ever-popular souvlaki. Your best bets are the chicken souvlaki wrap with tzatziki, tomato and onion, or the bowl version with added baked potatoes. The spanakopita, a thin and flaky traditional spinach pie with feta, is also a great dish to take home.


At Depachika, there are two parts to this brand, the Salmontini counter, which offers a range of salmon and caviar that you can take home. Think exquisite orange and beetroot marinated gravadlax and miso-marinated salmon. Next to it, there’s the larger Salmontini Sushi Bar, with a dine-in option for you to enjoy fresh sashimi, nigiri, maki and more.

The Climbing Goat Roastery

For some people the best cup of coffee is whatever’s currently in their hand, but then there are those for whom coffee is less of an alarm clock and more of a poetic experience. The Climbing Goat Roastery is very much the latter. The roastery takes a prime oval spot in the middle of the food hall, with its enormous racing green coffee roasting machine down stage. Coffee drinkers relax on bar stools as baristas go to town creating delicate brews.

 Casa Della Pasta

Warning: once you try the freshly made pasta at Casa Della Pasta, you’ll never want to buy the dried stuff ever again. The team make their fresh pasta daily with everything from tagliatelle to fusilli and macaroni. You can also order fresh pasta dishes served with homemade sauces and dine in.

The Cheeseroom

No great food hall is complete without a dedicated cheese place, and The Cheeseroom, tucked away in the back of the hall, certainly delivers. A closed-off dimly-lit space, sells fine cheese from all over the world alongside a selection of cold cuts. Come in for a taste, or order a meat and cheese platter to take home.

Mamalu Kitchen

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FYI: What does Depachika even mean?

The word depachika is a Japanese term used to describe the enormous space dedicated to food beneath Tokyo’s grand department stores. Combining the words for department store (depāto) and basement (chika), the depachika in Japan are worlds unto themselves, typically selling thousands of different delicious items.