Sponsored: Popular urban maze Jumble returns with upgrades and special offers…

Indoor adventure park Jumble is back, jampacked with the same adrenalin-fuelled physical challenges and fiendishly cerebral puzzles that it had before the pandemic.

Welcome to the Jumble

Pick your team (currently limited to a minimum of three and maximum of five) wisely. Those intrepid souls that venture into Jumble will need the reflexes and problem-solving skills of a well-read mongoose if they’re to overcome the 200 or so challenges posed by the park.

Contestants must make their way through a not-unlike-The-Crystal-Maze labyrinth of escape-room style tasks. You’ll follow clues, shimmy, duck, tight-rope walk, crawl and attempt to unravel Jumble’s many enigmas.

Let’s get ready to Jumble

The health and safety of visitors and staff has always been a top priority for the team at Jumble. But security levels were stepped up another level prior to the grand reopening.

Throughout each day periodical deep cleans and disinfection sweeps are carried out in all areas of the venue. Customer touchpoints such as wristbands, kiosks and lockers also go through sanitisation procedures after each use.

Separate entry and exit points are maintained, there’s temperature screening for fever detection in place and of course, masks must be worn at all times.

Prices take a tumble

It doesn’t take a Jumble-beating intellect to understand that 35 per-cent off, represents a pretty huge saving.

That’s *checks calculator* over a third off the cost of the experience and you can claim it right now, if you book either the two or four-hour package on the jumble.ae website.

You just need to click the 35 per cent off banner on the site, enter your email address and they’ll send you the discount code.

One final piece of good news is that Jumble is currently offering all first responders a free two-hour session.

It’s their way of saying thank you to the hard-working women and men that are putting their lives on the line for our collective benefit. To book their session, first responders should call (800) 586253.

Who’s joining us for a rumble in the Jumble?

Jumble, Al Barsha 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, 12pm noon to 10pm daily. Tel: (800) 586253, jumble.ae

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