Everybody else still needs to be able to show a negative test within 48 hours…

Abu Dhabi Media Office (ADMO) has shared some further detail on that decision to allow individuals into the emirate following negative Covid-19 test results.

Do kids need to get tested?

One important clarification is that children under 12, will not be subjected to testing.

Neither will cancer patients or people with kidney conditions travelling for medical appointments.

What if need to commute to Abu Dhabi for work?

A handy FAQ document also offers suggestions for people looking at the possibility of commuting to and from Abu Dhabi.

“People who commute daily are advised to organise their time so they are able to take the test and obtain the result within the 48 hour time period to be able to enter.”

It’s going to take some forward planning. But it is achievable.

Where can I get tested?

The rules for entry into Abu Dhabi state that the negative test results can be presented in the format of: certification on the Alhosn app or via a text message. This result must be timed within 48 hours of attempted entry.

Tests must be conducted by “healthcare centres affiliated with the National Screening Programme”. A good way to start the process is by downloading and registering with the Alhosn app, and following the steps on there.

Alternatively, you can call and book a test with one of the many Seha screening centres across the UAE, on (800) 50. The Seha app also allows you to check and book appointments.

Finally, you can call the Estijaba helpline on (800) 1717 and Dubai residents can also book via the DHA on (800) 342.

How much do tests cost and who can get them free?

Standard testing costs Dhs370.

Certain groups are entitled to a free test. This includes: Pregnant women; people of determination; people over 60; UAE nationals with domestic staff in their household; people with Covid-19 symptoms; and people that have been in contact with individuals that have tested positive for coronavirus.

These groups are entitled to one free test every four months.

How long do test results take?

Different forms of Covid-19 test have different processing times for results.

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And with the current high demand for tests, there is the possibility that results may take a little longer than usual.

Because of their high rate of accuracy, PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests are currently the only ones being accepted for official purposes in the UAE.

Test results can be back as early as 24 hours, but with backlogs may take as long as four days.

Bear in mind that the UAE is currently embarking on one of the most comprehensive screening and prevention campaigns in the world. And although testing facilities here are widespread, at peak times in busy locations, we need to exercise patience.

Make sure you get your book your test in plenty of time and if the circumstances of your travel allow you, try and be flexible with your journey dates.

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