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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to expand your education or improve your employability, then a postgraduate degree might be just the ticket you need. Here are six reasons why a postgraduate degree at UOWD can give your career the boost it needs.

Stay competitive in the job market

Whether you’re completing your undergraduate studies and want to give yourself an edge over your classmates, or you’re already working and looking to take the next step, a postgraduate degree can set you ahead of the pack. It not only benefits you professionally, but can also contribute to your personal development by building critical competencies such as teamwork, problem solving, cross-cultural awareness and emotional intelligence.

Get a bigger pay packet

A Master’s degree is an investment in your future. According to the Graduate labour market statistics 2019 report, full-time employed, working-age postgraduates had a median salary of £42,000 (Dhs207,000) in 2019, compared with £34,000 (Dhs167,000) for working-age undergraduates. Within the working age population postgraduates earned £8,000 (Dhs39,000) more than graduates and £17,000 (Dhs84,000) more than non-graduates.

Fast-track your employment

Depending on where you live and the kind of role you’re looking for, hunting for a job may take weeks, or even months. These days, many roles in academia and other industries require a Master’s degree – and obtaining higher education will boost your profile and eligibility for positions.

Make contacts and build your network

With a postgraduate degree under your belt, you’re also more likely to step into a more senior role to begin with. You’ll also make valuable contacts within the industry while studying or working for a partner institution. UOWD hosts regular events for students and alumni to get to know each other better, and these networking events could open the door to your dream career.

Work around your commitments

UOWD partners with international organisations to offer a variety of postgraduate degrees that are taught on weekends and evenings, enabling you to balance your studies and work. Early Bird Scholarships are available for UOWD alumni and students who wish to continue with their studies.

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