Because cooking and chopping is much more fun when you’re bopping…

Going vegan no longer means missing out on delicious. Many of Dubai’s best restaurants have come up with special dishes and menus for Veganuary, and there’s a wealth of vegan and vegetarian eateries to explore. But if you’d like to up your own meat-free cooking game at home, then the Beet Box vegan meal kits may be just the ticket.

No matter whether you’re a committed vegan, a fledgling flexitarian, or a full-blown carnivore looking to lighten up on the meat, going vegan – whether for a few days a week or full time – makes sense, not just for your health, but also for the health of the planet.

Where the Beet Box comes in is by providing nutritious plant-based meal kits, delivered right to your door, along with a handpicked playlist to listen to while you cook.

beet box quiche

The Beet Box Playlist

Want to know what you’ll be listening to as you cook? Here’s a little taster from this week’s menu… Throw on an apron, turn up the heat and pump up the volume, as you whip up these meat-free marvels.

Jazzy vibes with your caramelised onion and mushroom pizza: 
  • Louis Armstrong, Le vie en rose
  • Umberto Tozzi, Gloria
  • Dean Martin, Volare
  • Frank Sinatra, My Way

Rock and indie legends with your green earth burger:

  • Kings of Leon, Last Mile Home / Wait for Me
  • The Doors, Peace Frog
  • Radiohead, Karma Police
  • Razorlight, In The Morning 
Soulful favourites with your sesame Szechuan noodles: 
  • Lou Read, Perfect Day 
  • Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind 
  • Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, Shallow
  • Andra Day, Rise Up
  • Moby, Natural Blues
Uplifting tunes with your Bali bliss bowl: 
  • Moby, Everloving
  • Pang, Walking in the Sun
  • Blank & Jones, Risin To The Top
  • Bob Sinclair, Breathe

the beet box

The 10-dish menu changes each week, so you’re not going to get in a dining (or listening) rut, and you can decide whether you want two, three or four meals delivered. All the ingredients come in ready-to-cook portions (to cut down on food waste), and are stored in eco-friendly packaging.

The Beet Box can cater for gluten-free and low-carb diets, and there are plenty of family-friendly recipes in the mix. Prices vary depending on how many recipes and portions you order, but each serve costs between Dhs28 and Dhs32.

And to encourage you to jump on the Veganuary bandwagon, the Beet Box is offering a discount if you subscribe for the full month. Three meals per week for two will cost Dhs699 (instead of Dhs864) for the whole month.

To find out more about the Beet Box vegan meal kits, visit: