And confirmation on other capacity limits in Abu Dhabi…

Yesterday we reported on the news that Abu Dhabi would be closing cinemas as well as imposing strict capacity restrictions on malls, restaurants and other retail sites.

The new measures were confirmed today by Abu Dhabi Media Office, along with other precautionary steps, such as a temporary ban on parties and gatherings.

The updates come into force today February 7 and are, of course, proactive ones put in place to stop potential spread of Covid-19, as the vaccine rollout continues at pace.

Out and about

Current restrictions on public services and retail sites are as follows: Shopping mall capacity has been limited to 40 per cent of the maximum. Hotels, restaurants and cafes are restricted to 60 per cent capacity. And gyms must max out at 50 per cent capacity.

Cinemas will remain closed until further notice.

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Cinemas to close, malls, gyms and eateries to limit capacity in Abu Dhabi

Parks and beaches

Private beach and pool occupancy will be limited to 50 per cent.

Public beaches and park capacity will be capped at 60 per cent.


Taxis will be restricted to 45 per cent capacity. Buses restricted to 75 per cent.


Parties and gatherings are also temporarily banned, with the exception of weddings and funerals. Marriage ceremonies will have permitted attendance of up to 10 people, funerals and mourning services will be capped at 20 people.

Those violating these new rules will be subject to stiff penalties.

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