Jumping a red light can hurt a lot more than your wallet…

Abu Dhabi Police has shared a post on their social media channels warning motorists of the dangers of jumping red lights.

The financial and punitive costs for committing this offence are high, but should the action result in a collision, the real human cost could be much steeper.

If you’re caught crossing a junction whilst the red stop light is showing, you’ll be handed a Dhs1,000 fine. You’ll also have your license suspended for six months, receive 12 black points and your vehicle will be impounded for a period of 30 days.

The cost to claim your vehicle after the 30 days are up? Dhs50,000.

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Your wheels will be locked up until the total release fee has been paid, and if it’s not claimed within three months, off it goes to auction.

Seeing red

Local statistics shared by Road Safety UAE show that “seven per cent of all accidents causing major injuries or death are due to red light jumping”.

It’s estimated that this offense plays out over 200 times per day on the UAE’s roads, which is clearly excessive.

Tips for avoiding endangering your own life and other road users, as well as not copping a whopping Dhs50K in fines, include:

  • If you’re approaching an amber light, slow down, do not speed up.
  • Pay attention. Even in heavy urban traffic.
  • Anticipate light changes, but do not act until you see the signal change,

Drive safe out there please Abu Dhabi.