The capital can expect temperatures of 30°C over the weekend…

UAE residents can expect a return to foggy mornings and a rise in temperatures this week, according to the National Centre of Meteorology. A rise in humidity overnight is expected to result in early-morning fog, with some coastal and internal areas of the UAE said to be effected.

Along with the increased humidity and the blanket of fog on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we can expect to see temperatures steadily increase throughout the rest of the working week.

The weather forecast suggests that temperatures will climb from 24°C today to a top of 30°C on Saturday in Abu Dhabi. There’s also a predicted rise in temperatures in Dubai, climbing to a top of 29°C on Friday, followed by 28°C on Saturday.

These weekend temperatures are slightly higher than the seasonal average for February, which records an average high of 26°C and an average low of 16°C.

The rise in temperatures follows what has been one of the coldest UAE winters, with last month the coldest January on record. Temperatures reached a record low of -2°C in Raknah,  Al Ain.

And while it has been particularly dry over winter, with no real rainfall to speak of, the UAE has been no stranger to fog these past few months, with residents frequently waking up in a thick blanket of fog cover.

Winter officially started in the UAE on December 22, which marks the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and will last until March 20.

As the fog looks set to return for the rest of the working week, take care on the roads and remember to observe any reduced speed limits.

Images: Instagram: @terryzhang / @charlenevdb