Light rainfall has already been reported in some parts of Dubai…

Residents of Dubai woke up to gloomy skies on Sunday morning, and a slight drop in temperatures since the weekend. The ashy skies and humid atmosphere are all key signs that we could experience some precipitation this week. But, is rain actually on the cards?

According to National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), residents in the western and coastal areas of the UAE should expect light rainfall on Sunday. Areas of Jebel Ali have already experienced showers, as well as in some parts of Sharjah.

Going into Monday morning, we can expect a foggy start, after which NCM predicts a partly cloudy day, but doesn’t mention any rain on that day. It seems we can’t pack our umbrellas away just yet though, as on Tuesday there is another chance for light rainfall, particularly over the coastal and internal areas.

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The forecast looks like much of the same for Wednesday and Thursday. Partly cloudy, chance of light rainfall and mist formations look to be the theme of the week. It could get windy as we move to the weekend too, with breeze speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour.

Is the rain due to cloud seeding?

According to Gulf News, A National Centre of Meteorology official said: “Cloud seeding operations were carried out in the UAE today (Sunday February 21), to enhance rainfall in the region”.

NCM has also been adding the hashtag Cloud_Seeding to every Twitter post that it shares in relation to the rain.