All the atmosphere with plenty of distance…

We’ve already made 30 great suggestions on pubs, bars and restaurants where you can watch the Euro 2020 Championship games in Dubai, but how about something a little different? Break the norm for this tournament with everyone’s favourite post-lockdown activity, a drive-in cinema.

Sharjah’s free drive-in cinema at Aljada will be showing every match that starts after 8pm, live as they happen. The tournament will kick off this Friday 11 June, when Turkey will be taking on Italy, broadcasting live at Aljada from 11pm.

Once you arrive and park, you’ll need to turn off your headlights and tune into radio station 87.7FM. You can even pre-order your snacks and drinks online ahead of time, and have it delivered directly to your car – there are 27 different cuisines to choose from.

Spaces are limited and given on a first come, first served basis so be sure not to be late. The post-sunset schedule includes the majority of group matches, as well as every match in the knockout stages, including the quarter finals, semi finals and final.

The Aljada match schedule

Friday June 11
11pm: Turkey vs Italy

Saturday June 12
8pm: Denmark vs Finland
11pm: Belgium vs Russia

Sunday June 13
8pm: Austria vs North Macedonia
11pm: Netherlands vs Ukraine

Monday June 14
8pm: Poland vs Slovakia
11pm: Spain vs Sweden

Tuesday June 15
8pm: Hungary vs Portugal
11pm: France vs Germany

Wednesday June 16
8pm: Turkey vs Wales
11pm: Italy vs Switzerland

Thursday June 17
8pm: Denmark vs Belgium
11pm: Netherlands vs Austria

Friday June 18
8pm: Croatia vs Czech Republic
11pm: England vs Scotland

Saturday June 19
8pm: Portugal vs Germany
11pm: Spain vs Poland

Aljada Discovery Centre, Aljada, Sharjah, June 11 to July 11, various times, free.