Your chance to help break SIX world records at Yas Waterworld

The record-breaking attempts will go down next weekend…

Some of you millennials might remember 1995 movie Waterworld, starring epochal box office favourite — Kevin Costner.

The movie broke records at the time for the production costs. Sadly, following poor reviews – the film belly-flopped into the ocean and sank into cinematic obscurity (although it’s actually not a bad bit of post-apocalyptic story telling).

Abu Dhabi’s own waterworld, the theme park ‘Yas Waterworld’ will be hoping to break records in a much more enthusiastic way on the weekend of Friday November 26 and Saturday November 26. They’re hosting six separate Guinness World Record attempts including…

For the record

‘Fastest time to topple ten targets using a water pistol’ — Kicking through the saloon doors and challenging you to a high noon duel, this record attempt requires lighning quick fingers, a firm stream, steady aim and lil bit of old fashioned, wicky wick Wild Wild West luck of the draw.

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‘Fastest time to collect five balls in water on a waterbed’ — Niche. Pretty sure we saw this on Transworld Sports one Sunday morning in the early 2000s. Skills required for this record are being calm under (water) pressure, ball control and balance.

‘Most water moved using a sponge in one minute’ — In what is quite literally the weekend’s most absorbing challenge, it seems that whether or not you’re fated to go down in the Guinness history books or not will be decided by the rather arbitrary yard stick of the water retention capacity of a sponge. May you summon the spirit of SquarePants.

If you successfully complete your challenge, you will be awarded an Officially Amazing’ certificate.

Good luck Waterworlders…

Yas Waterworld, Yas Island, Dhs270. Tel: (02) 414 2000 , book on yaswaterworld.com 

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