Your 2022 remixed…

The road to 2022 was paved with good intentions, but some of us *points directly into a mirror* treated January as a bit of an extension to 2021. Let’s call it a free trial period, we’re now ready to commit.

For anybody that fancies a fresh start in February, on the lead up to Valentine’s Day, Motion Cycling Studio is offering a very special package to help us all get back on track. Between Tuesday February 1, and Monday February 7, Motion is inviting you to take part in seven classes of hardcore cycling sessions, across seven days, paired with seven ‘Essentially’ cold press natural nutritional juices, all for Dhs700.

Forward motion

For those unfamiliar with the way Motion classes work, it’s important to establish, these are not your normal competitive spin classes. You’ll face a challenging 45-minute session, held in a dark candlelit room, with the inspirational ride-leaders helping you unlock your full potential. There, in the flickering amber glow, it’s not uncommon to burn up to 1,000 calories in a single session.

Juicy culture

Helping provide your body with an influx of all the good stuff, your post-workout session will include one of a range of Essentially cold-pressed juices and nut milks. They are completely free of additives, preservatives, contain absolutely zero added sugar, and will after a hectic workout — we can practically guarantee you — taste like hand-cupped sips from a mountain spring.

There’s a whole metric kilogram of fruit and vegetables contained within Essential Green; a full 9g of totally green plant protein in Vanilla Cashew; and a booster shot of vitamin C in the lush Sunny Dayz concoction. The pack includes a different juice for every day of the week, allowing you to get a full range of wellness benefits across this Motion journey.

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Dhs700, available at Abu Dhabi (Reem Island) and Dubai (The Oberoi Cente) locations. You can sign up now on the website or email

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