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Qasr Al Hosn was once the seat of the nation’s government, a home to the Al Nahyan family and the site of a national archive. Now it’s a living monument, a celebration of culture, heritage and the rich and storied past of the UAE.

And as of yesterday (Thursday, January 20), rather appropriately, it also became the temporary home of one of Dubai’s best-loved burger brands, High Joint.

The first High Joint, a hole-in-the-wall style diner in Al Manara, opened in October 2018 and within months had developed a devoted, salivating fan base that would ritually make inter-emirate trips, just to sink their teeth into the juicy burger alchemy.

Fast forward to 2022 and it feels like we’re looking at a brand that’s about to go global. There are multiple locations across Dubai, and even a Riyadh-bound High Joint bun show dropping soon.

Chasing the high

Abu Dhabi got its first taste of the High Joint range at an all-too-brief pop-up at last December’s Mother of the Nation festival. And the capital’s patty connoisseurs clearly liked it, this Qasr Al Hosn outlet is opening off the back of popular demand. It too is only temporary though, if you want to get in on this, what is essentially a collaboration of burger art and burger science, you’ve got until May 5, 2022. Get ’em while they’re hot.

There’s also a convenient delivery option, via aggregator platform Talabat, though if you want the AAA experience, you really need to get them at the source.


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Why all the hype?

When it comes to burgers, we strongly advocate the rule of self-experimentation. Try them for yourself. But if we were to try and explain why this particular outfit is worthy of experimentation, our conclusion would be — High Joint absolutely nails every one of the core elements of the perfect burger.

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Smashed patties built from 100 per cent fresh, antibiotic-free, premium grade beef (the ratio of ribeye to chuck is a closely guarded house secret); buttery potato buns; a secret sauce of knee-buckling symphonic flavour; a few choice layers of garnish and that’s it. That’s all you need to ‘steak’ a claim in burger history.

The standard range also includes, without authorial doubt, one of the best chicken burgers in the hemisphere — the spicy mango slaw which, with its buffalo chicken base, is a frat party on the palate, and tastes like it was born in the Metaverse.

And if you’re tastes are a bit more exotic, they’ve got your order covered. There’s the halloumi katsu burger, a spectacularly creative vegetarian concoction; and the hugely popular high jamz — bacon jam, crispy fried shallots and American cheese.

But for the purists like us, there is an atrium of our heart that will remain forever double high burger.

Qasr Al Hosn, 4pm to 11pm daily, until May 5. @high.joint 

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