A burger brand worth getting your patties in a twist over…

Back in June What’s On broke the news that homegrown-UAE burger peddlers, Pickl would be coming to the capital’s new beachfront foodie hub, Mamsha Al Saadiyat.

And we don’t usually put too much stock in fortune cookie wisdom, but there’s a meaty stack of evidence for the claim that ‘good things come in pairs.’


Are we about to get a double serving (which, pro tip, is the best way to enjoy their smashed patties) of new Pickl outlets in Abu Dhabi then?

It certainly looks that way. A number of keen-eyed Abu Dhabi residents have reported, pap’d and snapped hoardings for another branch of the elite meat brand inside the mall section of the WTC (Abu Dhabi’s World Trade Centre) complex.

When can Abu Dhabi residents expect to find themselves in a bit of a Pickl?

Pickl has form when it comes to slow seductive teases on information about their new projects, and their social media posts often contain little clues about what’s next. So even with there currently being no official word from Pickl HQ about the opening dates, we’ve managed to dig up the month of November from one of their IG Posts. Whether that’s one store, or both or just a hint for the next clue in an elaborate treasure hunt (because that wouldn’t surprise us), we’ll have to wait and see.


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What sort of Pickl are we getting?

The store. Not the garnish from which the brand gets its name, although pro tip #2: They offer a trio of home marinaded pickle options (dill, chili and onion), and whilst not mandatory, they do legitimately slap.

Despite being just over two years old (more than half of which time has been spent sparring with the ravages of pandemic), an entire chain of burger joints has blossomed from Chief Pickl Officer Steve Flawith’s original JLT store. You’ll find them in Motor City, Madinat Badr, the Time Out Market and the new concept shop, An/Other Pickl in City Walk.

An/Other Pickl offers branded apparel, boutique hot sauces and rubs, alongside exclusive specials and if we’re honest — we want some of that particular concept sauce drizzled on our capital.

Why you need to pick a Pickl or two

Why such a fuss? It’s just another burger restaurant right?

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No sir/madam, it is not. Pickl’s spectacular growth spurt has been enabled by their showing up to the hyper-competitive regional bun show, and doing things differently, as well as doing them well.

Their core menu is tightly packed with customisable potato-bunned chuck patty beef burgers combos, messy fries and obnoxiously-proportioned chicken sandos (their Nashville hot option has a devoted fan base all of its own), that are by all objective measures — up there with the best in the UAE.

Their innovative ice cream sando desserts also deserve a special mention.

But it’s their limited edition/limited location special releases that really get our medium-rare juices flowing. Mythical menu items that read like a Kanye West album listing – there’s the notorious ‘Big Fella’, ‘The Big Bad John’ (which included a beef patty and smoked brisket), the glorious sloppy joe mess fest that was ‘Owen Wilson is Pure Fuego’, ‘Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Moo’, ‘The Hot Beef Murray’, ‘Boujee Bird’, ‘Chicken Katsu Sando’ and ‘We Couldn’t Think of a Name’. @Pickl – petition to create ‘The Sandolorian” — a buffalo chicken sando, with crumbled Bobba Feta cheese and a sprinkling of your signature pickles arranged in a Yoda formation.

Nope? See you in November Pickl. Probably…

Images: Instagram/What’s On Archive