Get ready to get strong…

Famous for its Red Room, Barry’s is a globally renowned workout studio, with locations in both Dubai Marina and DIFC. Typically a treadmill session paired with floor work, Barry’s combines cardio and strength training in a HIIT format. Now, a new type of workout has reached the region, focused solely on weight training.

Lift is the 50-minute workout designed to complement the traditional training. Taking place in a separate studio, the workout is designed to train you at a slower pace, allowing you to lift heavier, with more personalised instruction. Despite the calmer environment, we’re told the class definitely won’t be boring.

The session starts with a five-minute warm-up, followed by a series of rounds in nine and five minute intervals. The class is designed to improve body composition, build muscle mass, and rev up your metabolism, by focusing on primary and secondary muscle groups. Lift is designed to work alongside the standard class to help fitness fanatics achieve their goals.

Launching in the first week of March, the new studio can be found next door to Barry’s Marina location, in Trident Grand Mall. Classes can be booked in the same way as standard Barry’s sessions, either on the Barry’s app, website or by calling (0)4 874 8476.

Barry’s Lift, Trident Grand Mall, Dubai Marina, launching March 2022, Monday to Thursday 5.45am to 9:30pm, Friday 5:45am to 6:30pm, Saturday 8am to 1:30pm, and Sunday 8am to 6pm. @barrysuae

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