Fossil fuel…

How do you take your coffee? How about a flat white with no sugar and a side of 120,000 year old nature-forged dune art?

That’s the reality presented by Fosil, a new alfresco cafe pop-up at the recently upgraded and enhanced Al Wathba Fossil Dune Protected Area.

It’s a concept by coffee whizkids, WKND and adds a welcome dose of baristas to these uniquely enchanting vistas.

The set up looks pretty dreamy, with cosy beanbag and table enclaves dotted about the area; a jet black food truck dishing out gastro-treats; potted cacti and mirrored pillars offering a little extra IG feed fodder; and a background playlist of atmospheric Arabian music.

What else can we see at Al Wathba Fossil Dune Protected Area?

The reserve features a visitor centre, a viewing area, an amphitheatre and 7kms of hike-able trails with educational signage explaining the origins and cultural significance of these magnificent sand relics.

It’s part of a cohesive, emirate-wide project to display and celebrate artefacts of importance to the UAE’s heritage, and to help protect them for future generations to enjoy.

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What are the fossil dunes?

The technical name for these, what are essentially ‘dune skeletons’, is ‘lithified sand dunes’. The types seen at Al Wathba were created from cross-bedded dunes, formed at their core by ground water depositing layers of calcium carbonate (chalk) and other similar salts during the glacial period.

Images: Miro.PX via Instagram