Sponsored: Something magical izza-bout to happen at Address Beach Resort…

Address Beach Resort is an iconic resort that steals the attention of the JBR skyline because of its unique and elegant design. It’s home to a number of popular restaurants and soon, an award-winning Italian restaurant will join the list in March.

Via Toledo, named after an ancient street in Italy, is based on a unique and elegant concept combining the best Italian flavours and the most sophisticated Italian wines.

The founder is Master PizzaChef, Francesco Calò –  a chef of Italian descent and a world champion, who was crowned ‘Best Italian Pizza Chef in the World’.

Via Toledo

Master PizzaChef Calò founded the same concept in Vienna in 2016 and won several important awards including the best pizzeria in Austria, the second-best pizzeria in all of Europe and it is listed in the Top 10 of the Best Pizzerias in the World for the prestigious 50Top ranking. Their beer and wine list as well picked up awards.

The restaurant which will open in Dubai will, of course, aim for similar prestigious awards.

Via Toledo

Master PizzaChef Calò aims to bring this same award-winning Italian food to Dubai. On the menu, diners can expect to see a number of Italian gourmet main courses and, refined and original Neapolitan Pizza. Off the drinks menu, there will be wine, beers and cocktails creating a culinary experience Italian cuisine fans need to try.

For pizza lovers, the Master PizzaChef promises real signature pizzas. Every component is carefully considered, from the dough that is prepared using a unique blend of flours to the toppings which include beluga caviar and alba white truffle.

Your fine Italian experience will take place in an original and elegant space with close attention paid to details to only further elevate your culinary experience. Want to enjoy a private moment with your loved ones? There will be private dining rooms you can book with a unique Chef’s tasting menu.

For more information on Via Toledo’s opening date, stay tuned to @viatoledo_dubai

Images: Via Toledo