Good news if you’re paradise-bound soon…

Great news if you’re fully vaccinated, travel to the Maldives just got even easier. As of March 5, fully vaccinated travellers no longer need a PCR test to travel to the paradisiacal destination, the Maldives’ tourism board has announced.

Previously, all travellers regardless of their vaccination status were required to present a negative PCR test within 96 hours of travel. Those who are not fully vaccinated must still present a negative PCR test, with the timing remaining unchanged.

According to the circular issued by Maldives Tourism, to be classed as fully vaccinated, a traveller must have completed a full dose of a vaccine approved by either the World Health Organisation (WHO) or Maldives Food and Drug Authority, at least 14 days prior to travel. Booster doses are not required to be classed as fully vaccinated, according to the statement.

Tourists also no longer need to undergo a PCR test when departing the Maldives, unless their final destination requires it. This applies to tourists who spend their whole holiday in tourist facilities on inhabited islands.

The UAE recently updated its own travel requirements for those that are vaccinated, with a PCR test no longer necessary before travelling.

With its impressive collection of luxury resorts, crystal blue waters and close proximity to the UAE, the Maldives is a top choice for holiday makers from the emirates. And with the Eid holidays upcoming, it’s sure to be welcome news for vaccinated UAE residents making travel plans.