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We all know that Ramadan is a time for togetherness, but as technology works harder to make us feel closer to our loved ones, short-form video platform TikTok has devised a new set of trends to get on board with this holy month.

TikTok has developed a series of content ideas, heart-warming hashtags, and CSR initiatives that aim to make a difference. To bring to life Ramadan Values, TikTok creators can celebrate the holy month through four key pillars: kindness, tolerance, giving, and togetherness.

We can all do our bit to make the world of social media a kinder place, and what better way to do it than through TikTok’s #StitchingKindness initiative? Here, you’re encouraged to appreciate one another and pass on good deeds – we can’t wait to see your stitches.

When we think about togetherness, we think of friends, loved ones, and lots of food. Expect a series of feel good moments through hashtags and content hubs centred around recipe sharing and popular entertainment. #RamadanTableLive will see experts go live to share Iftar dishes, tips and tricks, while #HealthyRamadanLive will give people access to nutritionists and fitness experts who can guide people on how to stay in shape over the month.

Tolerance will form another key pillar as part of TikTok’s ongoing safety efforts, which is reinforced through specially curated video content and involvement of regional creators. This Ramadan, TikTok will be tackling bullying through inspirational stories from creators and the TikTok team themselves on their own experiences, how it affected their mental health and overall self-confidence and how they have overcome it, in order to encourage others to speak up.

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