The ride-hailing app will increase fares by as much as 11 per cent in response to rising petrol prices…

Frequent Uber users, take note: Expect to pay more for your journeys around the UAE going forward. The ride-hailing app has announced in an email to customers that from June 24 prices across the emirates have increased in response to the rise in petrol prices.

In some cases, fares will increase by as much as 11 per cent, according to Gulf Business. Under the increased fare structure, Select cars, previously Dhs2.64 per km will now cost Dhs2.85 per km, while Family cars that used to cost Dhs2.56 will also be charged at Dhs2.85 per km. For a Green vehicle, you’ll now pay Dhs2.96 for every kilometre travelled, up from Dhs2.82.

Popular Comfort cars are Dhs3.13 per km (previously Dhs2.9), Black cars are Dhs3.67 (previously Dhs3.4) and XL vehicles will set you back Dhs3.73 per km (an increase from Dhs3.46).

You can get a fare estimate by inputting your journey details here.

The price hike is the second increase in 2022 by Uber, who also raised prices in March 2022. According to Uber, the revised fare will ‘help their drivers continue to have sustainable earnings’ and continue to ensure riders can continue to travel the city comfortably.

UAE petrol prices are on the rise

The UAE has seen a dramatic increase in petrol and diesel prices in 2022. Commonly used Super 98 was priced at Dhs2.65 per litre at the start of the year, but has since surpassed the Dhs4 per litre mark. As of June 2022, you’ll pay Dhs4.15 per litre for Super 98, Dhs4.03 for Special 95 and Dhs4.14 for Diesel.

Prices for petrol for July 2022 are expected to be announced today.