This place gives us major Call of Duty vibes…

A brand new ‘digital paintball’ experience has just opened in Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall and it looks like a solid bullseye for the Call of Duty, Fortnite and PUBG generation.

Slight of hand

Battle Park is now open and offers a thrilling live and interactive FPS experience. The venue’s iBattle ‘map’ has been created to simulate an abandoned prison environment, where teams will have to find cover (it’s not camping if you don’t get caught) between the bars and beds of this Abu Dhabian Alcatraz.

This ‘Prison Break’ team deathmatch adventure has been described as ‘the closest you can get to a real-world version of online gaming’ — and features realistic sound effects (and screams if we’re your point man), real time feedback on scoring and intelligent battle stats.

Package prices start at just Dhs75 for one 20 minute game. A two game pack is available for Dhs120 and you can spawn into three seperate games for Dhs150.


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And it’s not just iBattle. There are other modes to explore too. Take for example their shooting simulator which offers and immersive virtual ‘weapons hot’ experience with sessions priced from Dhs40. Scenarios include bug game hunting, competitive sports shooting, and even head-to-head points challenges.

Steady aim

There’s also a target shooting game mode too — where you’re tasked with eliminating blinking targets under a challenging time constraint. The option is available from Dhs50.

Marina Mall Floor 2. Tel: (800) 228853, @battlepark.official

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