Sponsored: The Yas Island campaign is making waves across the emirates…

Yas Island is bringing the party to the UAE this summer, with a catchy anthem that’s had us digging out our 90s denim, flared pants and platform shoes. Yas Yas Baby, the leisure destination’s brilliant twist on Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, has got us all breaking like we mean it across Abu Dhabi.

Over the weekend, Yas Island lit up the Burj Khalifa with the world’s biggest karaoke display and the world’s tallest graffiti mural. Taking their colourful new campaign to the world’s tallest building, a delighted crowd sung and danced along as Yas Yas Baby brought the party to Downtown Dubai.

Kicking off with an anticipation-building countdown, the Burj Khalifa was illuminated with some of Yas Island’s top attractions, before the unmistakable beat dropped, and Yas Yas Baby lit up the Burj for an epic karaoke sing-along.

If you’ve not already heard the Yas Island remix of this Vanilla Ice smash, then play the video above and join the 20 million viewers who tuned in during the first 48 hours of launch. From record-breaking theme parks and a racing circuit, to shopping, dining, golfing and luxury hotels, the video highlights to residents and holidaymakers everything Yas Island has to offer. All brought to life with a little sprinkling of 90s nostalgia…

Altogether now, “Yas, Yas Baby, let’s go, let’s go…”