Safety first… 

Sharjah Taxi, a subsidiary of Sharjah Asset Management Company, investment arm of the government of Sharjah, has launched the first-of-its-kind smart taxi in the Middle East, with the chief goal being to employ artificial intelligence services to be utilised in vehicle operations and safety.

The smart vehicles have been fitted with sensors, cameras, a mobile data unit and other devices connected to an ‘integrated system for control mechanisms’.

Why has this decision been taken?


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Intelligent transport systems use contemporary technology in the areas of surveillance, data collection, control and means of communication. They also utilise the full capacity of road networks and other means of conveyance.

The arrangement helps regulate the flow of traffic, simplify access to key places, oversee driver behaviour, lessen wrong practices, and reduce metre manipulations. As a result, the number of trips and total squandered kilometres are reduced, ultimately decreasing the rate of road accidents and pollution, whilst raising operational competence.

The drivers will be observed…

The system will use artificial intelligence softwares to analyse the causes and circumstances of malpractices and accidents. These may include lack of motorist attention, use of mobile devices while driving, driving under the influence of a substance, or just general fatigue.

What else has been installed?

Technical equipment inside the vehicle enables the collection of various data including vehicle temperature, electronic parts condition, and more. This allows remote monitoring of the vehicle, allowing real-time interventions and appropriate actions as soon as possible.

What does Sharjah’s taxi fleet look like?

The Sharjah Taxi convoy encompasses 760 vehicles in total, including 96 cabs for the eastern and central regions, 160 taxis for Sharjah International Airport, 20 vehicles designated for women and families in the city and the airport, 10 luxury limousines plus additional vehicles for people with disabilities.

Images: Unsplash and Archive