We can firmly agree…

Love the winters in Dubai? Well, you aren’t the only one as Dubai has just received the top spot for ‘the best winter sun destination in the world’.

Both residents and visitors can bask in up to 8.82 hours of sunlight each day with temperatures reaching a gorgeous 20 degrees celsius. Our capital, Abu Dhabi follows shortly after, being ranked fourth globally after Bangkok and Cape Town.


The study was done by The Park Sleep Fly Winter Sun Index which analyzes winter temperatures, precipitation rates, sunshine hours and average hotel prices to decide which country is the world’s best winter sun destination.

Dubai is blessed with more than eight hours of sunlight daily, less than 0.55 inches of rain, with the average winter hotel costing £178 (approx Dhs805.37). Our iconic city has been tagged on Instagram more than 111 million times and has had the most winter-related ‘Things to do’ Google search in the world reaching 55,000.

With stunning beaches, a multitude of amazing al fresco dining options, outdoor markets, desert trips and other activities to get involved in; Dubai is the ultimate destination in the winter months.


For Dubai residents, we have the privilege of indulging in the wonderful weather each winter, with international visitors flocking in to escape the colder months. So if you’re looking for the perfect time to have guests come and stay, winter will be the perfect time for them to catch up on their tans.

Additionally, the city hosts the most festive Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve bashes, so even more reason to get your gang together.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the only two cities from the Gulf region to be in the top 20 winter destinations, with Bangkok being ranked second, followed by Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Gran Canaria, Buenos Aires, Jaipur, Phoenix, Alicante and Praia.

Images: Unsplash