Travelling anytime soon? 

This will make for a swift journey through the airport…Travellers arriving at Dubai International Airport (DXB) can now get through passport control in a matter of seconds with the new and improved smart gates.

According to the DXB website, the major update means those registered on the smart gates can now pass through by simply looking at the green light, with no need to scan a passport or boarding pass.

Much like the previous smart gates, you must remove your masks, glasses, and hats before so the biometric technology can recognise your face.

The new fast-track process is completely free to use for eligible passengers and makes for a seamless, speedy, and stress-free airport experience.

Note that passports and boarding passes should be kept close to hand just in case they’re needed.

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Who can use the smart gates?

UAE residents, Emiratis, GCC nationals, visa-on-arrival visitors with biometric passports, and Schengen Union guests will be able to use the new smart gates. If you’ve travelled through DXB recently, you’ll likely already be registered.

People of determination and families with children under 15 years old will need to get through passport control manually.

According to the GDRFA, pre-registered residents who stayed outside the UAE for six months and those with a renewed passport or nationality, also cannot use the smart gates.

How to register

All flyers will be given the opportunity to register their biometric data at self-check-in kiosks, in person at the airline’s check-in counters, or via the Emirates app.


Image: DXB Airport