The Dubai-based airline is ramping up services to key destinations around the world…

Are you making summer travel plans? Then take note, as Emirates Airline is increasing a string of flights ahead of summer. As the airline continues to ramp up services towards pre-pandemic levels, the airline will resume even more flights across the world.

Emirates has already boosted operations by a whopping 30 per cent, partially thanks to reintroducing flights to five cities, as well as launching a new flight route from Dubai to Tel Aviv. In addition to this, flights to a number of existing destinations across Europe, Australia and Africa will be increased, as well as routes in East Asia seeing more restarts.

Here’s a look at the increasing flight routes to know about.


  • Amsterdam: from 14 to 19 weekly flights starting Sunday April 2
  • Athens: Additional daily flights to meet summer demand from  Thursday June 1 to Saturday September 30.
  • Bologna: Increasing from five flights a week to a daily service starting Monday May 1.
  • Budapest: Increasing from five flights a week to a daily service by Thursday June 1.
  • London: Initiate a second daily service to London Stanstead on Monday May 1. This will increase Emirates’ London flights to 11 daily.
  • Venice: Increasing from five to six flights a week from Sunday March 26, with a daily service to be initiated from Thursday June 1.


  • Cairo: Increasing from 25 to 28 weekly flights by Sunday October 29.
  • Dar es Salaam: Increasing from five flights a week to daily flights starting Monay May 1.
  • Entebbe: Increasing from six flights a week to daily flights starting Saturday July 1.

Australia and New Zealand 

  • Brisbane: An additional daily service will start on Thursday June 1, taking Emirates to 14 flights per week to Brisbane.
  • Christchurch: Restart the daily service from Dubai via Sydney from Sunday March 26.
  • Melbourne: Start an additional third daily service to Melbourne from Sunday March via Singapore, adding to the two existing non-stop daily flights to Melbourne.
  • Sydney: Additional third daily non-stop service from Monday May 1.

East Asia

  • Bangkok: Additional fifth daily service from Tuesday August 1.
  • Beijing: Start daily non-stop Boeing 777-300ER services from Wednesday March 15, upgrading to an A380 on Monday May 1. A second daily A380 service will start on Friday September 1.
  • Hong Kong: Additional daily non-stop flight from Wednesday March 29 .
  • Kuala Lumpur: Additional third daily service from Thursday June 1.
  • Tokyo: Resuming daily services to Tokyo Haneda on Sunday April 2.

Images: Unsplash