Sponsored: They will walk away with plenty of memories…

If you are on the lookout for a special Ramadan experience, look no further than the award-winning Platinum Heritage – Dubai’s only eco-luxury desert safari company. The unique offering during Ramadan is not only packed with delicious food but showcases the UAE’s culture and heritage through an immersive desert experience.

It’s the ideal adventure to book for family and friends visiting UAE during Ramadan as they will get to experience the true magic of the Holy Month, and why it is such a special time of the year for expats and locals.

Platinum Heritage’s immersive Ramadan experiences take place from March 22 to April 21 (dependent on the official Ramadan dates). The Ramadan Heritage Safari with a vintage Land Rover includes an authentic Arabic four-course meal. The menu includes regional flavours including spiced potatoes, spinach sambousek, chicken tagine, lamb ouzi, baked fish, and umm Ali and can be enjoyed for Dhs695 per person. The Ramadan Platinum Desert Safari includes a six-course fine dining menu and costs Dhs1,750 per person.

Your desert adventure will begin with a drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in either a vintage Land Rover from the 1950s or a modern Range Rover, depending on which safari you choose.

After traversing the desert, on the Ramadan Heritage Safari you will soak in the stunning sunset, where you will be invited to “break the fast” the traditional way with dates and cheese while you listen to an Emirati explain the significance of Ramadan for those observing it.

But the adventure doesn’t end there… All desert safaris include camel rides and a falcon interaction, along with entertainment. Join in a traditional Emirati performance on the Ramadan Heritage Safari or marvel at a fire show on the Ramadan Platinum Desert Safari. After an indulgent dinner and breathtaking entertainment, you can partake in an interactive and informative stargazing session that focuses on how the moon is used to determine the beginning and the end of the month of Ramadan and how the Bedouin used the night sky to travel hundreds of years ago. You will even be able to enjoy a shisha under the stars with your toes in the sand.

For more information or to book your experience, visit platinum-heritage.com or call +971 4 412 6333.