An alluring evening set to elevate the dinner and a show scene…

Adding to DIFC’s sophisticated scene, Babylon fuses international fine dining with mesmerising entertainment. The allure stems from its mysterious name, inspired by the ancient city ruled by forgotten medieval empires. Babylon embodies glamour, accompanied by elegant dishes and entertainment that will leave you impressed.

Babylon DIFC Dubai

Upon entering the purple-hued entrance, we are immediately struck by the space, which oozes opulence. A plush red carpet leads us through the foyer down a sweeping staircase to the underground restaurant, with glowing lights and mirrored elements illuminating our catwalk. We’re guided to our front row table, with its crisp white linen tablecloth, and a blushing art deco light. A sultry world tinted with burgundy surrounded us, adorned with rich velvet textures and floral patterns.

Babylon DIFC Dubai

We peruse the menu and to begin, we graze over small plates of charred Padron peppers (Dhs65), gambero rosso tartar and caviar (Dhs800) and sea bass usuzukuri (Dhs165). Impressed by the dainty dishes, the gambero rosso tartar was delicately plated in a perfect circle, layered with Stracciatella and coated with caviar. The combination of prawn and Stracciatella form a smooth unity with the pops of caviar providing a burst of ocean spray. The sea bass carpaccio is sprinkled with slices of fresh chilli and jalapenos, creating a symphony of aromatic smoky essences and acidic crunches.

Babylon DIFC Dubai

Performances come on intermittently throughout our feast, providing the perfect intermission from our gourmet dishes. The cast’s extravagant costumes set the tone, adorned with gems, leather and feathers, adding to the glamour and mystery of the evening. The live performances fuse burlesque and cabaret, showcasing a diverse cast.


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As we take our gaze off the hypnotic sets, our main courses arrive. We opt for smoked lobster in a creamy sauce with caviar (Dhs900), along with a miso butter wagyu striploin with hints of sesame, yuzu and charred scallions (Dhs600). Both dishes were prepared with such skill that they melt in our mouths.

We polish off our meal with a Greek yoghurt sundae, scattered with candied pecans, honey lemon and spiced phyllo (Dhs220). The citrussy and tarte frozen yogurt was as light as air, with the candied pecans adding beautiful bursts of caramel and crunchy flavours.

The Verdict: Babylon will sweep you off your feet, with gourmet dishes and captivating talent. this is an ideal spot for a special occasion.

Babylon DIFC, Podium Level, Gate Village 05, DIFC, Dubai, Tues to Sun 7pm to 3am, Mon closed, Tel: (0)4 352 7750. @babylonDIFC