No meltdowns needed to enjoy this Moistmaker

LDC Kitchen and Coffee is doing us all a public service this season. The very iconic, very delicious, the one-and-only, The Moistmaker is back in town at the popular venue and we can’t keep calm. Sound familiar? You’ve definitely heard it before on one of the most famous sitcoms of all time and everyone’s comfort TV showFriends.

Some context for you

One of the six friends, Ross Geller (the guy obsessed with dinosaurs), swears by a sandwich that his sister, Monica – chef extraordinaire, makes for him every year just after Thanksgiving.

It’s a glorious amalgamation of all the leftovers from the feast and contains turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potato, sausage stuffing and more.

The moistmaker ldc

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If you’ve watched the show, the scene (and that iconic scream) is vividly etched in your memory. In short, Ross erupts in a fit of  volcanic rage when he finds out one of his colleagues at work eats that sandwich behind his back. But, it doesn’t end there… since it was ‘quite large’, the sandwich stealer ‘threw most of it away’. Cue Ross’ very hilarious scream “My sandwich!”

However, we can assure you that at LDC Kitchen + Coffee, there will be no sandwich theft and the whole thing will be yours to devour (not to be thrown away in the trash).

The anatomy of sandwich

The Moistmaker has become a bit of a tradition for the spot, returning yearly as a seasonal special for the festive season. This version is made with generous turkey carvings, dollops of cranberry sauce, cabbage slaw and crispy shallots,  layered with buttery mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing and the rich silky gravy  (‘the moistmaker’), perfectly cushioned between freshly baked sourdough bread.

The sandwich is priced at Dsh44 and available to purchase at LDC Kitchen + Coffee outlets across the city. Head to any venue and bite into post-Thanksgiving goodness.

LDC Kitchen + Coffee, outlets across Dubai, Dhs44, @ldckitchen

Images: Supplied/Socials