There are many types of infuriating drivers in Dubai.

There’s the one that drives two inches behind you, flashing to try and bully you out of the fast lane. Except, thing is it’s actually physically impossible for you to go any faster because there’s a snake of cars for miles ahead.

There are those that change lanes without looking, without indicating, and at an awkward 45 degree angle that cars really should never be at on a highway.

Don’t forget the people that send clearly-very-wordy text messages while driving over the speed limit (eyes front folks!).

And, perhaps even more infuriating, the slow learners that drive at 50 kilometres an hour in the second to fastest lane on Sheikh Zayed Road, causing a cacophony of lane changing and swerving, seemingly oblivious to the danger they’re creating.

Well, now you can do something about the bad drivers in Dubai, as Colonel Saif Al Mazroui, the Director of the General Directorate of Traffic at Dubai Police, is asking concerned residents to send video clips and photos of bad drivers directly to police via the We Are All Police service.

(Only take those photos or videos if you’re a passenger in a car and not driving, of course, otherwise you yourself fall into the bad driver category).

All you need to do is register on the Police website here, and then you’ll be able to submit your videos and photos of bad driving.

You can also call the police on the toll free number 800 4353 if you’ve witnessed reckless driving but haven’t taken photos or videos (do try and note the car’s license plate).

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The system is only of use to the police if you see the driver behaving badly while in Dubai. It’s also only going to work if it’s genuine, so don’t use this service falsely and claim bad driving when it hasn’t happened. Al Mazroui has pointed out that misuse of the website and phone line may lead to “legal accountability.”

Stay safe on the roads people!