If you haven’t seen the Superbowl trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence yet, you should. Why? Well because about 30 seconds into the trailer, what looks almost certainly to be the Burj Khalifa comes soaring out of the clouds and ploughs into London.

Why? Nobody knows. We guess we’ll have to watch the movie when it’s out.

Still haven’t gotten around to watching the first Independence Day movie? We’ll give you the quick blurb. It begins with aliens invading Earth, and ends with Will Smith ultimately kicking their butts back into space. On July 4 (hence the name Independence Day).

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However, with the sequel dropping, it seems the aliens were able to send out a distress signal before being destroyed, leading to the return of a bigger, badder and (probably) rather annoyed battle fleet – here to finish what the first fleet couldn’t.

We’re going to assume these aliens mean business, as picking up the Burj Khalifa like a giant metal lollipop stick and hurling it halfway around the world into the River Thames means these guys must be packing some serious gadgets.

Fans of the first Independence Day will be sad to hear that our hero Will Smith isn’t set to appear in Resurgence. The reason? Director Roland Emmerich told the Daily News in 2013 that he was ‘too expensive’.

Jeff Goldblum has replaced the role of the main character, with the explanation for Smith’s character, Capt. Steven Hiller’s absence being that he died in a test of a new experimental fighter designed with alien technology. Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth and William Fichtner will also be starring in the movie.