There are few words to describe how unbelievably cool Ken Block’s new Dubai video is.

The footage shows Ken, one of the world’s most famous professional rally car drivers absolutely tearing up the city, in a video involving falcons, big cats, a drag race with four other supercars, areoplanes and many, many police cars.

Block’s car, an all-wheel-drive, turbocharged four-cylinder, 650bhp RX43 Fiesta is an absolute beast, and he seems to have done a pretty good job at taming it.

You’ll have never seen Dubai this quiet. Sheikh Zayed Road has been cleared of its usual traffic, only for Ken Block to come ripping in and shred the place sideways. He’s ploughing down Sheikh Zayed Road performing next level donuts around a Ford F150 Raptor on two wheels for crying out loud…

Gymkhana Dubai

If you were to check the dictionary for insane, you’d find a little picture of Ken Block’s face smiling back at you. He’s not only set the bar ridiculously high with regards to car cinematography – he’s opened up his own bar and serves nothing but the sweet, sweet nectar bestowed upon him by the rally car gods.

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Block wasn’t born with these powers though, no. To get to this level, he’s flipped numerous cars, cracked a vertebrae, and has had countless crashes. It was all worth it though, with over five million fans on Facebook – and a combined total of YouTube views in the hundreds of millions,

The Dubai video serves as the eighth installment to Block’s Gymkhana series. A series which propelled 48-year old Block to fame when he started it in 2013.

Here’s the video. Even if you don’t know how to drive, it’s still an incredible watch. Careful though, once you watch one, you’ll feel compelled to watch them all…

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