XDubai’s Jetman is back, and with quite possibly his craziest stunt yet.

If you thought just flying around with a jetpack was as cool as it gets, think again. In his latest video Jetman and his protégé can be seen flying around Dubai’s coastline, getting up close and personal with a colossal Emirates Airbus A380.

It has to be seen to be believed:

Daredevil Yves Rossy – also known as Jetman – is an ex-fighter pilot from Switzerland. He became the face of XDubai last year when video footage emerged of him using jet-propelled wings in tandem with a light aeroplane.

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As you can imagine, the A380 stunt was riddled with health and safety concerns, and took careful and meticulous planning to make sure it all went down smoothly. With the A380 flying at 4,000 feet, the jetpack duo were dropped from a helicopter above the plane at 5,500 feet, they then conducted formations on both sides of the aircraft before joining back together and peeling away.

Yves’ accomplice, Vince Reffet, is no stranger to danger either. A champion skydiver, Vince grabbed the world’s attention back in 2014 when he took part in a tandem base jump from the top of the Burj Khalifa.

“I’ve always wanted to become like a bird,” Jetman once told us. “I wanted to have the freedom of a skydiver but the displacement of an aviator. You fly as free as a skydiver but with the movement of a pilot.”

Well it looks like he’s just achieved that.

This stunt comes within weeks of a video showing an A380 gliding just metres away from a helicopter, which was likely to have been when they were filming Jetman’s stunt.

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