The ruler of Dubai has reviewed and approved the government’s initial 100-day plan to create a happier UAE. Here’s more about it…

Yesterday afternoon, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of the UAE and ruler of Dubai reviewed and approved the initial 100 day plan for the UAE’s first National Programme of Happiness.

“Our goal is that happiness is a way of life in UAE society,” Sheikh Mohammed said of the initiative.

So what is the strategy that will make us all happier? Well, the initial 100 day plan is three-pronged.

*The Minister of Happiness’ first cheerful statement*

The first path is to promote happiness via government policies, programmes and services. All government service centres will have staff dedicated to ensuring its clients (aka, us) are happy with their services.

The second path is the promotion of happiness and positivity in the community via lifestyle initiatives. The third is the development of effective ways to measure happiness in the community (because we can’t all get happier until we actually know what that is, right?).

The discussion yesterday was at a broader policy level, but we expect to see concrete things trickling into our lives over the next 100 days based on the above edicts, and we’ll bring you more on those when they’re announced.

happiness-plan-3The Minister of Happiness discussing her plan in the Executive Office. Photo: Twitter/DubaiMediaOffice.

H.E Ohood Al Roumi, the UAE’s Minister of Happiness, has also launched the Charter of Happiness yesterday, which we’ll bring you more on when it’s announced.

“All government policies, programmes and services must help instill happiness and positivity in society,” explained Sheikh Mohammed. “The role of government is to create the suitable environment for individuals, families, employees to be happy and positive.”

“All our ministries and public entities must be [a] beacon of happiness in their policies, programmes, services and environment.”

*Speaking of happiness, a free nap bar is opening in Dubai*

The government will also encourage private companies and workplaces to launch happiness boosting initiatives.

Sheikh Mohammed also stressed the importance of “listening to the views and ideas of all individuals and institutions and their suggestions with regard to achieving happiness and positive in the UAE society.”

“We are not new to this talk about the government’s role in promoting happiness,” explained Sheikh Mohammed in an open letter last month. “Since the dawn of history, happiness is all that humanity has sought. Focusing on happiness is both feasible and fully justified. … Studies have shown that happy people produce more, live longer, and drive better economic development in their communities and countries.”

Woo hoo, we can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

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