You were up late last night, you’ve had a heavy lunch, and now you’re unwillingly doing the ‘nodding dog’ at your desk. Coffee didn’t work, the shop’s too far away to nab a Red Bull, and you’re showing full-blown symptoms of a classic 3pm slump.

Not to worry. From March 9 until the end of March, French design house smarin are set to open The Nap Bar in Al Quoz, offering each patron a special nap pillow, an original lullaby, a special herbal tea, some essential oils and best of all – a special nap poncho (which we’re really hoping will resemble the one portrayed on their website):

nap poncho

The Nap Bar is open every day except Fridays (a day during which you can nap on your own), and is open from 10am to 7pm, plus, entry is free. You can even book the place out for a group session, however we’re not sure a nap party would go down amongst your circle of friends as one of the better ways to spend a birthday. Unless you’re all five.

For this installation, smarin will also be trying to sell a bunch of products that aim to put the ease in catching z’s. First off, they’ve got the Dunea special chair filled with foam of different densities so that you can get seriously comfortable:

dune chair

Next up are the Kairos, a collection of lights that phase slowly between on and off in five second intervals, in an effort to help you control your breathing pattern.


Then, the Mobileshadows, a series of linen or silk shapes inspired by clouds, designed to create shadows:


Lastly, the Shinyshadows, similarly circular shapes suspended by a cable with an electricity supply attached. Working in tandem with the Mobileshadowsthese lights play off their shadow-making abilities, creating somewhat of an artificial sky:


The products are likely to be ‘high design’ expensive – but hey, the naps are free!

While we’re not sure most bosses will be okay with Dubai’s workers nipping off to Al Quoz for an afternoon nap, The Nap Bar could still serve as the number one spot to hit up after a serious mall trawl, or if you’ve spent the day dawdling around Al Quoz’s galleries.

The Nap Bar, Zumtobel Lighting Warehouse, 6A Street, Al Quoz, Dubai. March 9 to 31, Saturday to Thursday 10am to 7pm. Free. 

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