These YouTubers want to help change the world, and they’re asking for your ideas on how to do that…

Travel vlogger FunForLouis (Louis Cole) has a whopping 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube, and an equally impressive 1.3 million on Instagram. There’s no doubt his internet influence is large. Very large.

Well now he’s ready to use that fame for good. Louis and his friend, fellow YouTuber and serial entrepreneur Dave Erasmus, 30, stopped by Dubai last week to talk about their latest venture – Solvey.

Solvey, in Cole’s words, “is a global talent search for compassionate problem solvers”. They’re looking around the world for one philanthropic idea that’s worth backing. The winning concept will get the benefit of their support, time and connections.

What’s On managed to nab an interview with the duo to talk about Dubai, Solvey and some seriously weird fan encounters:


Having realised the platform and the networks they have between them, Cole and Erasmus are on a world tour to host a series of ‘Idea Jam Sessions’ in each city they visit. These sessions invite members of the public to rock up and voice ideas that can make a positive change in the world – be it for the people, planet or animals.

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Acknowledging that there are those around the world with incredible ideas but without a means of having them heard or the ability to network effectively, Solvey seeks to find an idea that can change the world which they can then back.

Apply (by following the steps below), and if yours is the ‘winning’ idea, Cole and Erasmus will then go about finding the necessary contacts and fundraising to make your concept a reality.


If you or a team fancy yourselves a bit of philanthropy and wish to apply, download the Storie app here, and make a short intro video answering the following questions:

What problem are you trying to solve?

Why do you care?

What is your name and where do you live?

What are you going to do about it?

How does your project fit into the wider picture of government/Millennium Development Goals/work others are doing in this space?

Will you fight for this when the going gets tough?

How do you measure the impact your solution has on the world?

How does this fit into the Social Progress index and the Millennium Development Goals?

Once your video has been made, hashtag it with #solvey, then tweet the video at @funforlouis and @daveerasmus.

Video applications open on April 28 at 7pm.

More information on their project can be found at

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