The holy month is the perfect opportunity to sample some of the region’s unique and authentic cuisine. Rabah Samra, executive chef at fine-dining Emirati restaurant Seven Sands, reveals his top dishes to try over Ramadan.

1. Lamb thereed 


A popular Ramadan dish, lamb thereed is a Bedouin stew eaten with Emirati rigag flat bread. The dish is generously seasoned with local spices and simmered down with vegetables, including potatoes, pumpkin, marrow and tomatoes, while the bread is made with flour and water and cooked on a circular hob.

2. Chicken fouga


An Emirati dish, chicken fouga is made by slow-cooking the meat with basmati rice and aromatic spices such as bezar, a spice mix that originated in the Gulf, as well as a pinch of saffron and dry lime.

3. Lamb kofta


A classic – it’s a delicious chargrilled minced lamb and onion kebab served with fragrant saffron rice, grilled vegetables and a mint yoghurt sauce.

4. Mansaf


A traditional Jordanian dish, the lamb is tenderised in a sauce of tangy fermented dried yoghurt, and then served warm with turmeric rice and topped with pine seeds and almonds.

5. Khabeesa 


A regional dessert, khabeesa is made by roasting flour with sugar, ghee, ground cardamom, rose water and saffron. Topped with crunchy cashew nuts and sultanas, it’s a mouth-watering delight.

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6. Aishu laham


Aishu laham is definitely a family favourite at iftar. The satisfying dish has generous portions of rice and lamb, flavoured with ginger, garlic, dried lime and saffron. It’s best served with a mint yoghurt sauce to balance the heat.

7. Jallab


Jallab is a classic thirst-quenching drink, perfect for breaking your fast. It’s made with a sweet blend of grape molasses and rose water and often garnished with crunchy pine nuts
and raisins.

8. Ferni 


A popular Emirati dessert made of creamy wheat pudding, it has a rich texture and can be packed with many delightful toppings.

9. Aseeda bobar


Thin layers of sweet pumpkin purée are infused with cardamom and saffron to make aseeda, one of the most popular dessert dishes in the Middle East.

10. Harees


A popular Middle Eastern porridge, harees is made by soaking wheat overnight and then simmering it in water with fresh veal, ghee and spices. It’s a heart-warming dish that comes served with a side of ghee or olive oil.

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