The UAE has made a number of cameo appearances over recent months, with filming taking place in the Liwa Desert for the latest Star Wars flick, and a trailer for the new Independence Day movie showing the Burj Khalifa getting mashed into London.

This time, in a new Star Trek Beyond teaser, none other than the Dubai Metro has popped up for its 15 seconds of fame.

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Well, not quite 15 seconds, but it’s there nonetheless. If you check out the trailer below, Dubai Metro can be seen within the first few seconds.

The Star Trek Beyond crew, including Chris Pine and Simon Pegg, were spotted filming in Dubai back in October 2015 around DIFC, Downtown Dubai and JLT.

Speaking at a press conference inside the Burj Al Arab last year, producer Jeffry Chernov shed some light on why they chose to film parts of Star Trek in Dubai.

“We came searching for the future and we found it in Dubai. It represents the future of what the next frontier would be like in our film,” he said.

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Chris Pine also chimed in, saying: “This is such a stunning city. I woke up this morning, opened up the blinds and looked out. It looks like whatever tomorrow will be. It’s future land.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Dubai in one of the Star Trek trailers. Here are some of the stills from previous trailers that show glimpses of an even more futuristic Dubai.

Star Trek Dubai
Star Trek Dubai
Star Trek Dubai
star trek beyond
A few lucky Dubai residents also got the chance to be cast as extras in the movie.

Star Trek: Beyond will be released on July 22.

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Images: Supplied/YouTube