If you’re sick of Pokémon GO, prepare to have your feathers ruffled. If you’re still playing, don’t stop. Why? Well, people are selling their Pokémon GO accounts for thousands of Dirhams.

How much, you ask? High-level accounts are going for the cost of some cars on dubizzle right now.

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What’s On spoke to Dubai-based player Michele Paula, who downloaded Pokémon GO with the aim of reaching high levels in mind, but when she realised she could sell her account and put the cash towards fixing her motorbike, she decided to have a go at flogging it on dubizzle. She’s currently got it listed for sale for Dhs15,000.

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Another player called ‘Cris’ saw that people were selling accounts for such high amounts, and with only 101 out of the total 151 Pokémon caught. Realising he had a high level account, and 142 out of the total 151 Pokémon, he put his account on dubizzle out of curiosity. Within minutes he had received offers upwards of Dhs7,000. He has yet to seal a deal.

Check out some of the listings:

pokemon go dubizzle pokemon go dubizzle

Speaking to The NationalOmar Moued, 29, talked about selling his account on dubizzle after seeing somebody do it on YouTube, saying, “His account wasn’t as strong as mine, so I decided why not?”

Despite receiving a slew of negative emails regarding his level-24 account, it sold for Dhs11,000 three days after posting.

This is just in Dubai. Some accounts around the world have reportedly sold for amounts of up to Dhs37,000.

If you’re an old person, staring at the screen with furrowed brow wondering what it is about the game that people are willing to pay so much for – it’s the ‘Combat Power’ and rarity of the Pokémon in the player’s collection.

The higher the combat power, the harder it is to catch and beat.

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The game’s developer, Niantic, forbids the sale, resale, rent or lease of Pokémon GO accounts. So those involved in the buying and selling of accounts are doing so at their own risk.

As a platform, however, dubizzle allows people the right to trade freely, with the Product Marketing Manager at dubizzle Razal An Masri telling The National, “If they wish to sell something that they can no longer use, it is their choice.”

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Images: Reddit