12It happens. It’s normal. We all have a bad day sometimes.

However, one unlucky reddit user seemed to have had a terrible day – and made a post about it on the Dubai subreddit.

Reddit user UBROKEMYFRIDGE, aka Anil’s story is a long and tragic one that involves some serious bad luck on Dubai’s roads, but it wasn’t without a silver lining. After reading about Anil’s terrible day on Reddit, Virgin Radio presenter Brent Black decided to help out (scroll down for video of his good deed).

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Here’s the story, for those who missed it:

Anil’s mum had just arrived on an early morning flight from the UK.

After arriving back to his place and settling her in, Anil receives a call from his boss, who asks for a huge favour.

Anil’s boss wanted him to pick up his car from the service centre as he was being charged Dhs100 per day – so he wanted to move the car near to his house.

Being a good employee, Anil happily obliges, and goes off to pick up his boss’ car.

As he’s pulling out of the service centre, Anil indicates to turn left. However, as he starts to turn, a motorcyclist comes out of nowhere at full speed and collides with him head on.

Luckily, the motorcyclist was alive and not seriously injured.

Anil turns around and drops the car off at the service centre again.

As the police take down Anil’s details, Anil calls his friend to come and pick him up in Anil’s car.

Anil thought that was the worst of it over. Anil was wrong.

After being picked up by his friend in Anil’s own car, they’re on their way to the office.

Then, at the same spot as before, a minivan on their left decides to randomly make a U-turn.

Anil hit the brakes but it was too late. They smashed into the side of the minivan, totalling his car. A complete write-off.

Poor Anil. His mother had only just arrived, and his aunt was on the way to arrive the next day with his two cousins.

This story’s got a silver lining though. Brent Black, one of the radio presenters at Virgin Radio happened upon Anil’s story, and took pity.

brent black reddit

Ah, Brent Black, you #bro.

Brent Black hooked up Anil with Dhs1,000 worth of Uber credit to get around while he’s car-less, and a free flight from FlyDubai for two to any of FlyDubai’s destinations.

Here’s the video:

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