Our top pick of the movies out in cinemas this week is Suicide Squad, the latest film from the DC Comics universe…).

Here are all the new flicks you’ll be able to go see from today…

(And here are 11 other things to do this weekend.)


It wouldn’t be summer blockbuster season without a big comic book movie, and Suicide Squad is one of the most highly anticipated yet. It’s a shout out to the baddies as DC Comics’ most dangerous villains have to band together to save the world (in exchange for shorter prison sentences, of course). Boasting a stellar cast of Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Jared Leto, prepare for a world of evil that will make you question who the bad guys really are.


bad moms dubai

When a trio of seriously overworked mums decide to shake off judgers and embrace their imperfections, a night of wild party madness ensues. Boasting a killer cast (Mila Kunis meets Kristen Bell meets Kathryn Hahn, with Christina Applegate at the Regina George-esque villain) and coming from the side-splittingly witty writers of The Hangover, Bad Moms is perfect for a girls’ night on the town.



Back for what seems like the millionth (but actually the fifth) time, the Ice Age film franchise hits the box office with Ice Age: Collision Course. When everyone’s favorite animated squirrel accidentally sends several asteroids en route to a collision with Earth, Manny and the team set out to save the world (and their love lives) in one fell swoop. With a splash of romance, a touch of heartbreak and a whole heap of dodgy astrophysics, this family film is sure to thrill the little ones.

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