If you’ve ever fantasised about being part of a futuristic universe, now’s your chance…

How rad was Tron: LegacyWe’d totally get beamed into another dimension if it meant Daft Punk parties and sweet sci-fi motorbikes.

If you didn’t see the 2010 movie, it’s basically about a guy whose video-game developer dad mysteriously appeared… scroll down, we’ll fill you in in a second.

Anyway, back to the real world.

Well, or are we? Because currently there’s something straight out of the Tron universe that you can nab – and it’s on dubizzle.

tron bike dubai

It’s the real deal…

tron bike dubai

And it works…

This custom-made, light-up bike is a life-size replica of the one from Tron: Legacy, and costs a cool Dhs165,000.

Yeah, it works too, and it’s only ever been ridden once.

The bike has a direct-drive electric motor and a computer-controlled digital electronic transmission, as well as suspension and hydraulic brakes.

The seller, Ebrahim Ostovar, said: “People literally stop in their tracks when they see the iconic motorcycle from fantasy as a tangible reality.

“I am very excited to find the replica a new home and hope to see it going down Sheikh Zayed Road one day.”

*Dubai Safari’s opening date has been pushed back*
*There’s now a Ripe Market in the Dubai Marina*
*Dubai Marina Yacht Club is closing down*


If you’ve no idea what we’re talking about, Tron: Legacy was the sequel to the original Tron made in 1982.

In the original Tron, Jeff Bridges is a video game developer who gets sucked into his computer (quite literally) and is forced to participate in various gladiatorial games inside the digital world.

Yeah, it’s an odd concept.

Tron: Legacy, made 18 years later, sees Jeff Bridges’ son come looking for him, and end up in the same world as he tries to break out his father.

If you don’t know the movies, perhaps you’ll remember the old school video game:

A big part of the Tron universe are the light cycles.

The light cycles are futuristic motorbikes that leave behind a permanent trail of light that can’t be passed through.

The bikes are used in a deadly game that sees people duking it with their opponent to cause them to crash into their light trails.

tron dubai

You can now own this very bike. For a price.

Luckily the real-life version isn’t quite as morbid.

We now know what’s going on the top of our Christmas list…

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