Being flashed doesn’t always mean being fined…

Been flashed by a speed camera on a Dubai road, but pretty sure you weren’t pushing it over the maximum speed limit?

Well, first things first, slow down, speed limits are there for a reason.

But also, did you know that just because you’ve been flashed by a Dubai speed camera doesn’t actually mean you have a fine?

General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Head of the Federal Traffic Council, told an Arabic-language daily yesterday that 500 of the radars on Dubai roads are put in simply to warn drivers of their speed and remind them to slow down, and they don’t actually issue any traffic fines.

“Many people complain that they have been flashed while driving by mobile radars, even though they are below the maximum speed limit, not knowing that Dubai Traffic Police have launched these friendly-radars to let them know that they should slow down on the road,” Al Zafein told the daily according to Gulf News

*ALSO: These new speed cameras also measure car noise*

These friendly reminder cameras are quite the contrast to the other super high-tech cameras on Dubai roads, which can now even figure out if you were speeding in between cameras (by noting if you got from one camera to the other too quickly – you can read all about that here).

And then there’s the majorly savvy Mesta Fusion camera that started to be installed last year – here’s a video explaining just how smart it is:

Safe driving folks, remember, nothing is that important, you can get there five minutes later, so slow down (and put your phone down, that Whatsapp can definitely wait).

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