Are you someone who likes to rev your engine with vigor at the traffic lights? Well watch out for these…

Abu Dhabi Police have installed new radars on the road that measure the level of noise coming from a car to deter those who accelerate ostentatiously as well as drivers who modify their cars in a way that causes disruption to other residents.

The new technology aims to reduce noise pollution in the capital and will primarily be installed in residential areas near hospitals, mosques ad schools. It measures decibels and then takes photos of the cars.

Rather awesomely, this first-in-the-world technology was developed by the Abu Dhabi Police force themselves. It was invented by Captain Ahmed Abdullah Al Muhairi, Head of Traffic Safety Section.

“Introducing this new device would make Abu Dhabi the first city in the world to use the latest systems aimed at preserving the environment and reducing noise pollution and noise levels caused by vehicles and excessive use of horns,” Brigadier Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi explained.

abu-dhabi-streetThe streets of Abu Dhabi may soon be a quieter place. Photo: Getty.

“The noise-monitoring radar consists of two integrated systems: the sound intensity sensor and an advanced camera that takes digital photos of the violating vehicles,” explained General Mohammed Khalfan Al Rumaithi, the Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police.

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“The radar automatically measures the intensity of noise produced by a passing vehicle,” he explained. “If the noise ratio is higher than the allowed limit, the radar will immediately take photos, scan the vehicle’s licence plate and fine the violating drivers.”


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