Sick of the soggy, goes-off-in-hours type of produce you find in many Dubai supermarkets?

Here are nine meat, seafood and vegetable deliveries in Dubai that promise to deliver the freshest goods straight to your door…

1. Fish Box

Want to eat the same seafood that Dubai’s fancy restaurants serve? Well, here’s your chance. Wet Fish Trading is a wholesaler run by a British couple who bring in seafood from more than 15 countries, and now you can order straight from them online. You get four portions of salmon for Dhs99 (which is cheaper than the supermarket), a box packed with lots of smoked fish for Dhs200 and much more (plus, delivery is free).

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2. Prime Gourmet

This quality butcher at the Gold & Diamond Park now also delivers straight to your door (the day after you order). Their USP is beef – they have grain-fed, wagyu and free range (all from Australia or New Zealand). The only catch is you have to order Dhs300 worth to get free delivery (otherwise you’ll pay Dhs50 for the privilege).

3. Kibsons

We’ve often ordered our weekly fruit and veg from Kibsons. We love it because they offer unusual options such as custard apples, longans and fresh tamarind. Plus, we find it affordable and the produce here lasts a lot longer. We had a cabbage from Kibsons in our fridge for weeks and it kept really well: no moldy-after-two-days tangerines here. South African expats will be pleased to hear that they also sell dry wors, biltong, boerewors – the lot. Our only issue is that when you order they give you a wide delivery window, like 3pm to 9pm, for instance. But we’ve always requested an after-work drop off and there’s never been an issue yet.

4. Secrets Fine Food

Fancy quail for dinner tomorrow night? Or perhaps pigeon? This is your go-to delivery option for niche meats. They’re also specialists in Japanese cuisine, selling everything from mochi (those delicious ice cream bites) to wagyu beef patties. Their gourmet hampers are great gifts for the gourmands in your life. The minimum delivery charge in Dubai is only Dhs50.

5. Springbok

This Abu Dhabi-based South African butchery delivers to Dubai during weekdays (for Dhs300 minimum orders) – their ‘weekly clean pack’ (Dhs340) is made up of five kilos of meat and guarantees no additives, fillers, gluten or grains of any kind and only 100 per cent natural, grass-fed hormone-free beef. Oh, and the next time you’re planning a braai, these guys can supply the meat, the equipment as well as the staff.

6. Martin’s Meats

Word is the boss behind this brand, Irishman Martin, makes all deliveries to first-time customers himself. Now that’s service. The online butcher serves handy ‘boxes’ for parties, weekends, weekday dinners etc, for those who don’t like to think up what to eat. We especially like ordering the brisket, which is a hard cut to find in Dubai supermarkets.

7. Fruitful Day

Fruitful Day will drop a box full of your week’s fruit straight to your door. The Staples box (Dhs95) is made up of bananas, clementines, apples, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, pears and grapes. That’s your five-a-day sorted then.

8. Bio Organics

Organic beef shawarma? Yes, you can get that here (and for only Dhs30). The supermarket and café is in Tecom, but their online store is really extensive, with everything from gluten-free baked goods to agave syrup
on offer. Heads up though: the minimum order for delivery is Dhs250.

9. Greenheart Organic Farms

From ‘Pink Passion’ rhubarb chard, grown from heirloom seeds, to organic Australian Beef, this organic farm and store delivers produce straight to your door. They never store their locally grown vegetables, but instead pick exactly what’s ordered and deliver the next day (you’ll need to order by noon). So if you buy some desert-farmed capsicums from them you can be safe in the knowledge that they were picked just yesterday. There is also a selection of organic cheese now available, and delivery is free over Dhs130.

Also, don’t forget Dubai classics and for more healthy and fresh produce.

PLUS: Handy apps…

Tired of ringing your local Zoom when you forget something?


Instashop asks for your location and then finds supermarkets nearby, displaying what you can get delivered from them. So it’s kind of like Uber for groceries.The minimum order is only Dhs15, there’s a Dhs2 service charge and delivery takes around 25 minutes, but you can also schedule for a later time.

El Grocer

Like InstaShop, El Grocer simply connects you to a supermarket. You order the groceries through the app, and the supermarket delivers (for no extra charge). Unlike InstaShop, it makes it very clear which supermarket you’re ordering from.

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