Yes, actually (well, it’ll probably be a limo’ rather than a cab)…

As you probably know already, Tesla founder and real-life Iron Man Elon Musk was in Dubai this week. This is the man behind the Hyperloop technology, the SpaceX falcon rocket and a solar-power city in California.

Word is he left Dubai last night after giving a speech in front of the Burj Khalifa, during which he looked up at the tallest tower in the world saying it made him “proud to be a human” (aw, shucks)…

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And today the RTA has committed to buying 200 Tesla cars. Why? Well, they’re going to add them to their limo fleet. SO. COOL.

Remember, Teslas aren’t cheap: prices start from Dhs275,000 for the Model S and Dhs344,000 for the Model X (but also note that they can go from 0-60 miles per hour in an impressive 2.28 seconds).

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You can read more about Tesla’s Dubai launch here – and we’ll let you know as SOON as you will be able to dial up a Tesla on your Careem app.

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